Chez Anna: Homemade Apple Strudel

When I first discovered Chez Anna (68 Duluth Avenue E., Montreal, QC) and their authentic Hungarian cuisine, I was walking to the grocery store. By chance, I was again. However this time, it was the cusp of summer; not New Year’s Day. It’s amazing what a difference a season or two can make to the…

ô Four: Freshly Baked Lebanese Specialties

My ‘new restaurant radar’ helped locate ô Four’s sign across a busy avenue. Already getting hungry from a long walk, I had to remind myself not to jaywalk. Thinking it must be a European-style pizza restaurant, I took a safer route for a closer look. Underneath ô Four — in smaller print — it read…

Marche Epicure: Treasured European Foods

When the photograph of a creation inspires you to write an article or even short post, it’s pretty certain it was a memorable bite. To find out more about this particular piece of food art read on…

Boustan: Crave Worthy Lebanese Dishes (Part Two)

Are one who challenges yourself to complete quests? — in this case, I’m referring to food related ones. Have you ever endeavored to try every item on particular restaurant’s menu? In this article, not only will you discover more of Boustan’s crave worth dishes, but you’ll find out if my quest to try every dish was fulfilled…

Chez Anna: Hearty Hungarian Cuisine

If you look up hearty in the dictionary, the references should mention Chez Anna’s homemade Hungarian dishes. Finding authentic European cuisine outside of Europe can be difficult, but this story is about what happens when you do. Jó étvágyat!

Boustan: Crave Worthy Lebanese Dishes (Part One)

What determines if a restaurant is crave worthy? Does it have a way of calling to you, or your stomach? It’s not always certain when you’ll get those calls. Assuredly, in the case of Boustan; it’s both day and night!

Café Spill the Beans: Almond Based Treats

If you’re a fan of almond based pastries, desserts or treats in general this post is for you. Take a scroll through the photos and descriptions of the golden goodness produced with almonds at Café Spill the Beans.

Lunenburg Pottery: One Bowl To Serve Them All

Do you have a special bowl in your collection? Do things taste better in this bowl? Perhaps, you think they do… In this post you’ll see some of the many dishes one particular bowl has served, while enjoying the words that describe and surround it.

Chez Dany Pizza: Inventive Combinations Discovered

Have you ever wondered what’s being cooked up behind the scenes at one of your go-to restaurants? This article takes you behind the counter to discover the ‘research’ that goes into possible future menu items. The questions still remains which ones may or may not make it onto the regular menu.

Zenoli Paninoteca: Freshly Filled Zeppoles

What’s another word for a dream like fresh ricotta filled Italian pastry. Here’s a hint, it starts with the letter Z and ends with delicious and unforgettable (yes, I know two letters).